Jeff Anderson at Vineyard

April 5, 2012 by  

On Wednesday, April 18th, the Vineyard Community Church of London is hosting Gospel Musician, Jeff Anderson. The Vineyard Community Church of London is located at 65 Dempsey Line in London, Kentucky. This performance is scheduled to begin at 7pm.

Jeff Anderson, a recording artist, will be leading a wonderful night of worship at the Vineyard Church in Grant Country to give parishioners and their guests with a magnificent time of worship before the presence of God. Guests at this event are asked to bring friends and come and enjoy a night filled with joyous music. Local printing companies may well have the stationery printing ready for parishioners to sing along with many of the songs that will be performed at this evening event.

Jeff Anderson, a truly American musician, was originally raised in the community of Mariette in Georgia. Since releasing his first album, “Seamless”, which was recorded in Ohio under the production of CR Pendleton and John Reuben on behalf of Gotee Records, this young gospel singer has been on his way up. “Seamless” was released on March 15th in 2005 and is the only LP Jeff released while under the Gotee Record label. Although in 2010, Jeff was signed with Republic Records from the AMA Label group and it appears, according to the AMA’s website, that Jeff has a new record ready for release called “A Thousand Tongues”, which is due out soon.

There is no admission charge for this event. For additional information, please visit Jeff Anderson’s Facebook page, or call the Vineyard Community Church of London.