Barefoot Movement to hot-step down to London

August 16, 2013 by  

Next week, the Barefoot Movement will entertain a musically-eared crowd in an outdoor venue with a selection of jazz and acoustic modern rock numbers. With music events always requiring promotion and advertising, it would be little surprise if this talented group to people were to be highlighted through poster and flyer printing in the area.

The Barefoot Movement was created by fiddler and singer Noah Wall and mandolin player Tommy Norris. The group consists of very talented musicians that come from North Carolina and Tennessee to form a posse clearly influenced by the front porch bluegrass movement.

Wall’s voice is noted by event organizers to be rich in clarity, and the stage show looks set to be exciting and invigorating. The group’s sounds can be heard in the release of the new album ‘Footwork’, which showcases the immense talent and the group’s maturity. The audience will enjoy toe tapping, hand slapping songs such as ‘Calico Jack’ to the more mellow and nostalgic song ‘Tobacco Road’. The lyrics for this music are written by Wall himself and often are based on personal life experiences.

Admission to this concert is free to everyone. It will be performed on Thursday, August 22, starting at 7:00 pm at the downtown London Courthouse Square located at 1375 East 9th Street in London, Kentucky. To learn more about this group, or the Thursday Night Live concert series, please visit the TNL website or call the venue during normal hours.