The Comedy of Josh Sneed opens in Lexington

March 8, 2012 by  

From Wednesday, March 28th until Saturday, March 28th, comedian Josh Sneed will be performing at Comedy Off Broadway located in the Lexington Green Mall at 161 Lexington Green Circle in Lexington, Kentucky. On Wednesday and Thursday performances will start at 7:15pm and will cost $8.00. On Friday, the performances will start at 7:15pm and 9:45 pm and cost $12.00. On Saturday the performances will start at 7:15pm and 9:45pm and cost $14.00.

Josh Sneed is becoming one of the best known young comics in the business and is making his mark no matter where he performs. He has a natural ability to write in the third person, which makes each of his performances flow along while guests roll in their seats with laughter. In the past he has been the opening act for Lewis Black and Dane Cook, plus he also opened for legendary Dave Chappelle.

Josh has received the highest honors after performing for audiences in Montreal’s Comedy Festival in Canada, as one of the “Newest Faces of Comedy” competition. He was also a chosen guest at the “South Beach Comedy Festival”. He has earned praise from the likes of “Punchline Magazine” and “Aspen Comedy Festival”. In this Comedy Off Broadway performance, guests can expect the unexpected as Josh Sneed’s comedic timing is excellent and every joke will have the guests laughing harder than they have ever done before.

Josh has performed in a series of large venue theatres across the nation; flyer printing ensures a high attendance. Tickets are now available through Comedy Off Broadway website. For additional information, contact Comedy Off Broadway at 859-271-5633.