Reptiles on the Lexington rampage

May 28, 2013 by  

Following its popularity when it came to Lexington at on May 11, The Kentucky Reptile Expo (KRE) will be visiting at least two more times this year. Commemorating all that Kentuckians know and love about reptiles, the Expo travels from city to city across the state informing and amazing citizens with a fabulous display of reptiles.

For most Lexington residents, the Lexington Convention Center represents a place where the best in human achievement is celebrated, whether that is business or leisure, but that does not mean that it cannot delve into the animal kingdom from time to time. The stately venue brings to mind both the historic past of the city and the promising future.

For those who know little about reptiles, the Kentucky Reptile Expo is a grand learning opportunity. Not only is an enormous variety of animals on display, but a great number of experts patrol the event, seeking to answer questions about the various breeds. Even reptile lovers will find themselves learning something new at this year’s KRE.

Those looking to fulfill more than simply their curiosity will be pleased to hear that it is event policy to offer all reptiles and reptile products at wholesale price. This is often significantly cheaper than identical pets and products at established pet stores. Reptile enthusiasts can take home a new pet after learning a great deal about the unique animals.

For those who missed out on the May event, further Reptile Expos will come to Lexington on August 3 and November 2. Banner printing will no doubt an important component in keeping the events well-organized by providing traffic direction and guidance.