Comics and sci-fi stars to converge on Lexington

January 16, 2014 by  

The Lexington Comic and Toy Con will return for the annual event in March at the Heritage Hall within the Lexington Convention Center. The much anticipated gathering attracts thousands of people from across the state and neighboring areas each year.

The show features toys, comics, magazines, games, anime, movies, music, horror, and art along with other types of entertainment. Special guests are scheduled including the famous William Shatner. Best known for his role as “Captain Kirk” on Star Trek for several years, Shatner has also written many books on his experiences in the role along with writing science fiction novels.

Amongst other scheduled guest stars is Amy Jo Johnson, an actress with roles in Felicity, Flashpoint and Pink Ranger. Also, Jason David Frank, known for his starring role as Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers, a long-running television show, will appear at the event for his third year continuously supporting the show.

One of the most well-known guest stars, the six foot five inch, 285 pound Lou Ferrigno, aka the Incredible Hulk, will also be present. After decades since the debut of the Incredible Hulk, Ferrigno is still a favorite amongst all generations.

Events of this nature frequently call upon printing companies to prepare needed materials to manage and promote the activities. Banner printing is a common request as the banners are used throughout the venue to serve as directional signage for attendees.

The Lexington Comic and Toy Con will take place March 14-16. Visit the event website for complete information.