Blue Grass Youth Ballet presents summer schedule

April 25, 2013 by  

The Kids Fun Arts Workshop, presented by Blue Grass Youth Ballet in Lexington, has posted its 9th Annual Summer Workshop schedule, for which ages 4-9 are welcome to attend.

The program will be in effect the last three weeks in June and will feature ‘Africa!’, ‘Magical Creatures’, and ‘El Mundo’.

Enrolled participants will receive instruction in music, dance, Spanish, art, and drama from qualified teachers. The classes are interactive, with snacks and materials included.

Bluegrass Youth Ballet is a non-profit organization offering high quality dance and performing arts classes. Some students wish to pursue a career in dance, and others just want to learn something new. The professional staff members strive to create a healthy environment that encourages students to explore and develop interests in the studio, as well as outside.

The organization has three studios, a boutique, sewing room, two music studios, a playroom, a kitchen, and waiting areas. Parents are encouraged to get involved and participate in activities to further the direction of the children, and performances are made readily accessible to the families and general public with inexpensive tickets.

Many similar performing arts entities use the services of a print company to handle requirements such as banner printing, as well as flyer printing. When the event is held outside, banners will no doubt come in very useful in directing motor or foot traffic to keep it flowing smoothly.

Registration is available via the Bluegrass Youth Ballet website for the summer programs. Tickets for upcoming performance may also be purchased via the website.