A Swift entrance to Lexington

March 27, 2013 by  

Superstar Taylor Swift will bring her Red Tour concert to Rupp Arena in Lexington next month, as part of her tour that includes 58 shows in over 40 cities.

Swift is famous for her narratively styled songs that reflect her experiences during her journey from childhood to young adulthood. She has been honored as a songwriter with many awards and by several organizations, including Nashville Songwriters Association and Songwriters Hall of Fame.

With her albums numbering at no fewer than 26 million, and digital downloads of her material numbering at nearly three times that, it is no surprise that tickets to see the country-pop singer are in high demand.

‘Red’ is the fourth studio album for Taylor Swift and it was released in October, 2012. It contains 16 songs, of which she wrote nine. As part of the promotional campaign for the new album, over 70 worldwide radio station representatives were flown to Nashville to interview the singer in person. She has also had many appearances on talk shows and has performed at various award events.

Taylor has appeared on several television shows and in movies, including ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ and ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’. She is also seen in cosmetic commercials.

A great deal of promotion goes into coordinating a worldwide musical event or concert series. Working with printing companies makes the process easy and smooth. A print company can produce any materials needed to help announce merchandize and promote the event. The Lexington show is on April 27.