Discover past and present Ohio Valley floods

May 12, 2012 by  

From now through Sunday, May 27th, Behringer-Crawford Museum will be featuring a new exhibition called “Our River’s Fury: Past and Present Ohio Valley Floods” at their location at 1600 Montague Road, Devou Park in Covington, which is a few minutes’ drive from Florence, Kentucky. For a schedule of times on this event, please contact the Museum, as it will run normal museum hours.

This event will take a long and special look at floods that have incurred in the Ohio Valley region in the years 1884, 1913, 1937, and the most recent flood in 1997. This exhibition explores how the Ohio Valley region has changed due to the flooding which has taken place over various years, as well as how the flood waters have changed and altered landmarks and lives within the community. There will also be in-depth discussions on why floods occur, as well as aspects that will protect through flood prevention. One exhibit will review the importance that levees play and how they protect everyday lives. There will also be interactive commentaries and documentaries available for viewing provided by WKRC and local historian and celebrity Dan Hurly. During this event, there will also be a number of guest speakers and the exhibition offers an opportunity for local residents to share their flood experiences as well. For those interested, please contact the Museum.

Advertising this event is essential to its success and local printers are available to assist by producing flyer and brochure printing. Tickets for the event are $5 per person. For additional information on this event, please visit the museum’s website, or call the museum at 859-491-4003.