Conference for graphic community draws excitement

January 11, 2012 by  

Florence print companies are making plans to send their brightest designers to The Vision 3 Summit, February 19 to 22 in Florida.

This executive leadership conference specifically for the graphic communications industry is being touted as “provocative” – a massive networking event, providing education for industry service personnel and retailers and promising to bring it when it comes to providing information on managing a graphic communications organization.

The Vision 3 Summit Program Highlights include breakout sessions on future trends in the graphic industry, insight into the industry from experts, discussions on emerging markets, sharing of leading practices from some of America’s most successful and ground-breaking companies. Speakers will touch on the latest in tech management, tools for smoking social media marketing, integration of offset as well as digital press, and one of the hottest topics; how to save money and how to light a fire under the proverbial bottoms of your sales force.

The best of business intelligence from across the country will share their strategies, including solutions-oriented executives, profit leaders and more who have found ways to influence their local economies and impact their business in a super positive way.

Guest speakers include John Boehner, Scott McKain, Dr. Jeffery Rosenweig and Dr. Samir Husni at this three-day conference at Marriott’s exclusive resort, Marco Island in Florida. It’s a world-class facility on three magnificent miles of fantastic beachfront property. The resort is located just 45 minutes away from the airport at Fort Meyers, FL.

Registration is limited and available through their website at