Hi-tech company expansion should create jobs and investment

May 31, 2013 by  

Erlanger is to benefit from the arrival of a new technology-based company, which should bring in $2m worth of investment to the northern part of the state, as well as creating about 12 job opportunities.

The opening of Jacobs Automations was announced on Monday, May 25, by Governor Steve Beshear, and the company will be investing in excess of $1.7m in a facility encompassing more than 13,000 square feet in area.

The founder of the company, Keith Jacobs, spoke enthusiastically about thedevelopment, and the firms’ recent collaborations with other companies. Jacobs said:

“We are delighted with the response from our customers and the support of our suppliers and investors. The announcement of our collaboration with Rockwell Automation on Intelligent Track Motion Control Technology, together with this expansion, is accelerating our market penetration. Our two companies are working together on the connectivity between their respective platforms allowing our customers to standardize on a single control platform for small-to-large platforms.”

Jacobs is a modern company specializing in facilitating the control of pallets and carriages. In order to speed up the bolstering of job opportunities in the area, a local finance authority has afforded the company approximately $500K in tax incentives and funds.

With new jobs and career prospects on the horizon, it will no doubt come as a timely boost to those in and around Erlanger who are in search of employment, who might want to get those digital business cards bang up to date with a new business card printing order.