Erlanger hosts Dixie Farmer’s Market

June 21, 2013 by  

Located just across the river from Cincinnati, Erlanger has great connections to local farmers – a fact to be showcased at this year’s Dixie Farmer’s Market. This is a great way for citizens of Erlanger to not only acquire some delicious fruits, vegetables, and other foods, but also to show their continued support for the agricultural community surrounding the city. Thousands of locals and visitors will come to the market throughout the season this year.

Some say there’s nothing that can compare to the taste and feel of taking a delicious bite of organic, freshly grown food. Especially in the last 15 years, as the green movement and other environmentally conscience organizations grew in prominence, the nation has seen a rise in the number of farmer’s markets. These are great ways for local herders, farmers, artists, and other businesses to sell their produce and products directly to customers. As farmer’s markets have grown in popularity, they have also spread to a number of cities across America. The market in Erlanger is a great example of this successful endeavor.

Printing companies frequently work with participants of farmer’s markets by providing supplies and services, such as banner printing. Banners are generally hung at each food booth, noting who the supplier is and what they provide. Banners are made from heavy vinyl to stand up under all weather conditions.

The Dixie Farmer’s Market will be held from 2:00pm to 6:00pm in the parking lot of the Erlanger Baptist Church every Thursday afternoon now through October.

Visit the Erlanger Farmer’s Market website for complete information.