Relationships key to Danville business success

January 7, 2012 by  

A Danville family-owned business that just opened its fifth location began with $100 investment borrowed from a relative says the son of the late Joe Graham, Sr.

Brian Graham has just opened another Furniture World Superstore location at 1714 Perryville Road. He recently reflected upon the 40-year journey it took to get where the Graham family is today.

He says when his dad left the U.S. Marines over 50 years ago, his first job was selling sewing machines door-to-door while his small family lived in a cramped hotel room in whatever town he was in. By 1971, he decided to settle down and open his first furniture store, choosing Danville because it was a small town full of decent people. The store, of course, sold sewing machines; however, as customer demand grew so did his selection. The store branched into pianos and furniture and eventually, more locations.

Brian Graham cites the close relationships his father established over time with manufacturers, suppliers and local Danville businesses and services such as accounting and catalog printing. He says his father had a “good feeling” about Danville when he first opened shop over 40 years ago.

“Looking around today, I think I can say everything here is made in the U.S. — 100 percent of the sofas, for sure. Most of what we sell comes from North Carolina and Mississippi, and some from Wisconsin. Our hardwood pieces come from Indiana. Dad knew these manufacturers personally and for a long time,” he says.

Graham says that creating business relationships on a personal level enabled his father to keep prices competitive and to keep quality high. Several members of the Graham family are involved in day-to-day operations including the fifth location.