Commercial printers set for election year windfall

December 11, 2011 by  

With the 2012 election less than a year away, print companies are best advised to approach political candidates now to capture some of the campaign print work.

Business card printing and digital business card printing will take top priority for Crescent Springs print companies and those throughout Kentucky in what is expected to be a hotly contested, and perhaps most costly election so far with candidates of every stripe prepared to spend billions of dollars across the U.S. to sway the public to vote their way.

The 2012 election could perhaps be a shot in the arm for the American commercial printing industry in a sagging economy.

“Presidential elections have generally increased print and over the last few election cycles the impact has been growing,” said vice president and chief economist of printing Industries of America, Dr. Ron Davis. “I believe the impact will be even more significant next year because of the increase in spending by more groups and candidates. The old rule of thumb used to be that presidential election years increased printing shipments by 0.5 percent but now I think the bump is much higher – perhaps one to two percent.”

Print companies that are awarded contracts by political parties and special interest groups to do election printing may see a double-digit rise in sales. Union shops in particular may see a higher volume of new work come from Democratic candidates. This includes posters, buttons, yard signs even ballots. However, Davis said most increase comes from direct mail pieces.