Art exhibit scheduled for Cincinnati

June 22, 2013 by  

The residents of the Cincinnati and Crescent Springs, Kentucky regions will have the opportunity to experience the unique work of the late artist Trinett Foote in July.

Though art and other creative activities are typically pursued for their intrinsic value, sometimes they can be used to advance a different purpose. For Foote, this meant donating work to the Wood Hudson Cancer Research laboratory in Newport, Kentucky.

Following Foote’s death, six of her pieces began circulating various cities surrounding Newport and the pieces will come to Crescent Springs for two weeks at the end of next month. Foote is internationally known for her work in the visual arts field, and some of the paintings on show are considered very rare by art scholars and historians.

Of course, for art lovers, there is a catch. The collection will not be put up on display at a gallery or hidden away by some private collector, but rather scattered throughout the city. Each of the pieces will be placed at a different location around the city of Cincinnati.

Two locations in Clifton – Sitwells Coffee House and Rohs Street Café – along with the Keystone Bar and Grill in Covington, and Essex Studios, have been listed as the chosen settings of the show. The showcasing backdrops of the remaining two pieces of art are yet to be scheduled.

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