2012 ends with some mysterious fun

December 8, 2012 by  

‘Murder Under the Mistletoe’ is a dinner theater production being presented by the Bluegrass Mystery Theatre and is suitable for teens and older. During the performance, guests will enjoy a wonderful three-course dinner and have accessibility to a cash bar. For anyone who loves a good mystery, this one will keep them on the edge of their seat as they are invited to help solve the mystery.

The story is that the owner of a struggling accounting firm used printing services to issue invitations to his employees about a great company holiday party he has planned to boost the workers’ morale. Due to the trouble the firm has been having, the owner hires an “independent consultant” to put the company back in order and make it productive again. Strangely, it is these two simple decisions that create all kinds of chaos and trouble at the firm when things begin to go a little bit crazy.

While guests enjoy a delicious dinner, the holiday party will begin and Tom, Dick, and Harry will present entertainment filled with surprises, fun, and “murder”. As the meal continues, the mystery will continue to mount and the questions will begin to add up.

Tickets cost $29.95 per person for the evening, which will be happening on Sunday, December 30, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Parlay Social located at 257 W. Short Street in Lexington, Kentucky, near to Crescent Springs. For tickets, please visit the Bluegrass Mystery Theatre website or call the box office at 859-244-1932.