Eagleville school to host creative fundraiser

June 26, 2017 by  

An Eagleville high school is offering people from the local area an opportunity to get a good night’s sleep, while also funding programs for the students.

Methacton High School’s marching band will be holding a mattress fundraiser, and it is hoping people will be very generous. Those who come out will have a chance to purchase a new mattress, and according to the function’s organizers, they will be sold at a price that is less than what retail stores are charging.

It was noted in the event’s listing that this fundraiser has the potential to raise a large sum, and similar functions have been held in other schools across the country. The sale is open to all, and those who plan on attending are asked to mention it to any of their friends who are in the market for a good night’s sleep. A company that supplies direct mail printing services can be called upon to produce a mailout that can be sent to all local households to let them know that an event like this is taking place in their community.

This event, which has been planned as a way for the school to earn money to support its programming, will be held on September 9, and it will take place in Methacton High School. The doors are set to open at 10:00, and more information can be found on its Facebook listing.