Eagleville area workshop to tech the joys of container gardening

April 24, 2017 by  

Whether they have a huge yard or a small balcony or doorstep, almost anyone can have a garden of their own, and a workshop has been planned for the Eagleville area that will teach those who come out how they can grow a container garden of their very own

Cassandra Hogue, who is a Chester County Master Gardener, will facilitate the session, and will give tips and other advice. She will discuss how to choose the appropriate receptacle for planting, as well as which plants perform best in a small space, how to design the planting for flower, vegetable or fruit production, how to overwinter the container, and much more. They will each have a chance to make their own spring blooming small garden to take home with them.

Every person who participates is asked to bring along some medium sized pots with good drainage for planting, as well as gardening gloves. The soil and plants will be provided. A printer can craft simple gardening guides using booklet printing techniques, and these can be distributed to each person who attends an event such as this.

The container planting workshop will be held on May 4 in the Phoenixville Public Library. The registration fee has been set at $15, and additional information and an opportunity to register to participate have been made available on the event’s Patch listing.