Trolley Pub tours coming to Durham

November 24, 2016 by  

The Trolley Pub has chosen Durham as its newest location, and will begin operating its customer driven tour vehicles in the city sometime in November.

Operating in a number of states, including Michigan, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, the company also has Trolleys in several North Carolina cities. Durham will soon join Raleigh, Charlotte, and Wilmington as a Trolley Pub city.

The Trolleys are, for the most part, powered by their customers who pedal them along streets at about 10mph. To assist patrons in getting their Trolley moving after a stop at a red light, maneuver out of the way of emergency vehicles or make it up hills, the mobile pubs are equipped with a small 72-volt electric engine.

Durham residents should be on the lookout for more information on when the first Durham Trolley Pub tours will take place. Announcements may be made via flyers or by a banner placed near the new business’ location, which is close to the old Durham Athletic Park.

Already operating in Durham is Biker Bar, which operates similar vehicles to the Trolley Pub. It is anticipated that the two companies will not be in direct competition as they will be traversing different areas of the city. Also, the Trolley only offers bar crawls while Biker Bar’s tours offers doughnut and coffee rides, historic tours and moonlight rides.