Multiyear Alston Avenue expansion beginning soon in Durham

August 8, 2016 by  

A $39m project to expand Alston Avenue in Durham to four lanes between Holloway Street and Durham Freeway 147, is set to commence August 29.

According to Resident Engineer Troy Brooks of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the soon to be started expansion will include bike lanes and sidewalks in addition to areas of grass covered medians. The expansion from two to four lanes is designed to lower vehicle congestion while facilitating pedestrian traffic.

The project is good news for runners whose regular jogging route includes Alston Avenue. Completion is slated to take three years, and once done, will be of particular use among members of the community who take part in cross training due to the lack of jogging courses available.

The local business community will also benefit from the change. Lowering traffic congestion may provide a shot in the arm to companies here, but marketing services will need to be reimagined due to traffic detours and delays accompanying the planned expansion. The same will hold true for when the project is completed.

In addition to increasing potential vehicle traffic, the inclusion of bike lanes and sidewalks will change some customer base demographics for businesses along Alston Avenue. As a result, local entrepreneurs will likely see a need to reevaluate the distribution of their ad specialties.