Guess Road experiences traffic hitch as new eatery opens

March 1, 2017 by  

On Guess Road close to Interstate 85, the recent opening of the city’s inaugural Popeyes has created traffic issues, as eager Durham residents have converged on the new establishment.

Drivers who usually travel the area of Guess Road and Interstate 85 have been advised to, when possible, find another route to avoid the increased traffic attracted by the new restaurant. According to a City of Durham spokesperson, city officials are keeping abreast of the traffic congestion in the area and do not anticipate that it will continue long term.

The family-owned business has stepped up and assumed responsibility for traffic management and will continue to employ officers to handle traffic as long as warranted. It is expected that as the initial rush subsides, so will the traffic, although to what extent is yet to be determined. Once sales have leveled, marketing services are typically reevaluated.

Store owner Lubna Ghanayem explained the restaurant’s position, saying:

“We are truly doing our best to try and get folks in and out of here to try and prevent the volume and the extended waits and the traffic that the business has brought to the town.”

Long lines and slowing traffic are nothing new for the Louisiana-style fried chicken franchise. Popeyes in Lexington, Kentucky; Kalamazoo, Michigan; and Columbia, Missouri have all experienced similar traffic slowdowns during their first few weeks of being open.