Durham Public Schools superintendent gets contract extension

September 12, 2016 by  

In a recent announcement, the Board of Education for Durham’s public school system revealed its decision to extend the contract of Dr. Bert L’Homme, the system’s school superintendent.

The decision by the Durham Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education to add another year to the superintendent’s contract means the Dr. L’Homme will be under contract with the Durham schools through June of 2020.

On behalf of the board, Mike Lee, DPS Board of Education chair, asserted that the board’s decision to extend L’Homme’s contract showed an overriding confidence in the superintendent. Lee elaborated by commenting on the excellent job being done by the superintendent in leading the school district in the challenge of reaching each child in DPS.

In the press release, L’Homme expressed his feeling of gratitude toward the board, adding:

“In the last two years we’ve made progress in increasing our graduation rate, reducing our suspension rate, and being more responsible, transparent stewards of the funds entrusted to our students.”

While it only adds one year to his contract, the assurance that for that much longer L’Homme name will remain at the top of the school’s official letterheads means a lot. It provides the superintendent with additional gravitas to initiate programs that he feels will benefit the district and make every school in the area the best it can be.