Durham event combines pop culture and local craft

December 15, 2017 by  

Geeks, nerds, and general pop-culture enthusiasts will take to the Durham Armory this weekend for the winter edition of the GeekCraft Expo, a marketplace that allows local artisans to show off their dorky side.

There will be no official, mass-produced merchandise – only hand-crafted goods from Durham-area outlets.

The event’s poster features a wool doll of Marvel’s Deadpool, which sums up the spirit of the event and how it draws inspiration from the superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy that now dominates Hollywood, translates it into the world of hand-crafted goods. Over 50 vendors will be featured at the Expo, with products such as custom drinkware, original art, calendars, tote bags and more.

The Expo has also taken care to offer a fun family event. Marbles Kids Museum will be supplying crafting lessons and activities with both holiday and geeky themes for kids of all ages. For adults, it is a chance to get a late gift for the pop-culture obsessive in their lives. Refreshments will be provided by Carpe Donuts.

The Durham event is part of a wider network of GeekCraft Expos, which has held similar markets from Richmond to Hawaii. The popularity of these events speaks to both the enduring success of “geek culture” in Hollywood and beyond and the growing boom in local crafts, fueled by affordable print services and online marketplaces.

It takes place tomorrow, December 16, running from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm, and is free to attend.