Rooftop restaurant coming to Downey

February 8, 2018 by  

The planning commission in Downey recently approved a proposal for a new rooftop restaurant, to be located at 11100 Downey Avenue. The space has no tenant as yet.

Realtor Don Jervis owns the property, and says he will add a rooftop deck comprising 776 square feet, as well as developing a second story measuring 580 square feet. He also plans to add an outdoor patio that will add 150 square feet to the space. Also included in the construction is a cover above the dining area on the roof and a full-height wall, both to help mitigate noise, since the restaurant is west of an apartment complex with 50 units.

Jervis said that after the renovations are finished, the building will look and feel rustic. Since 2013, the property has largely been vacant.

The location may be a good sign, since Mi Cielo (opposite the building) was the first Downey restaurant with a rooftop lounge. Nearby, the Avenue Theatre, which is being redeveloped, also features plans for a rooftop lounge. The theater was bought in 2016 by the Downey Restaurant Group, which plans to open two restaurants along with the rooftop facility. The theater was built in 1925.

When properties like this become available, realtors could work with a brochure printing company show off the location’s amenities to potential tenants.