Downey students get résumé-building opportunity

October 24, 2016 by  

Students in Downey, California with an interest in the audiovisual (AV) industry have an exciting new opportunity to pursue that passion.

InfoComm International, the trade organization which represents the commercial AV industry in the U.S., has penned an agreement with Downey’s school district to offer foundational coursework in AV technology.

High school students in Downey will have the opportunity to enroll in InfoComm’s Essentials of AV Technology online course and take the Recognized AV Technologist Certificate Program exam. They will also be able to access a second course, the Certified Technology Specialist prep course.

According to June Bayha, the CEO of one of Downey’s educational partners, the school hopes to give students a chance to learn about the general AV industry, but will also develop skills that local employers are looking for.

Students who complete the course might have an interesting certification to add to their résumés or custom business cards, which could give them a leg-up when they start applying within the local job force.

Betsy Jaffe, the International Communications Industry Foundation’s executive director, said that California contains some of the largest North American AV markets, and that the audiovisual industry needed to invest in the next generation of professional AV innovators.. InfoComm has also partnered with Columbia College and Valencia College. To learn more about the program, visit InfoComm’s website.