Downey school wins honors

February 5, 2017 by  

During the week beginning January 22, 2017, the Downey Board of Education awarded Griffiths Middle School in Downey, California its Shared Values Award for Continuous Improvement, according to an article in The Patriot.

The award was accepted by the school’s Instruction Leadership Team (ILT), and was given for:

“Providing improvements and enhancements to all aspects of school programs based on performance data.”

Every school in Downey Unified School District has an ILT, which is tasked with setting the direction for the whole facility. At Griffiths, the ILT is comprised of technology teacher leaders, administrators, counselors, and Professional Learning Community (PLC) lead teachers. The ILT’s goal is to improve student achievement, student engagement, and instruction.

According to collected data, Griffiths’ students have ranked above the average for students in California in most grades and in almost every subject for the last two years. Griffiths’ principal Dr. Rani Bertsch attributed the achievement directly to the work of the PLC and ILT teams. Among their accomplishments is the fact that more students than ever have transitioned from ‘English Learners’ to being proficient in the language, disciplinary referrals have dropped by almost half, and the number of suspensions has declined significantly – by approximately one quarter.

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