Downey has new mayor

January 8, 2017 by  

The mayor of Downey serves for only one year, and leaves office each December. This year, the transition took place on December 15, when Fernando Vasquez took over the position from Alex Saab.

Mayor Saab concluded his administration with a few remarks that reflected on the city’s achievements in the past 60 years of its existence. He noted in particular the way the city worked with the medical community, including the improvement and continued development of the campus of Rancho Los Amigos.

Rancho, as it is known, provides a wide range of services to individuals with catastrophic injuries and illnesses. The hospital specializing in aiding disabled patients learn the techniques and skills they need to handle the tasks of basic living, and if possible, return to school or work. Saab noted that the presence of Rancho, as well as Kaiser and PIH Downey, have made the city a hub for medical practice in the area.

Saab said he was most proud of the fact he had reincluded sports programs and activities at Apollo Park for participants with special needs.

For his part, incoming Mayor Vasquez laid out his goals for 2017, which include keeping the city’s police and fire departments as local organizations. He said there will be upgrades made to emergency and police response systems, and that he is also planning improvements to local parks.

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