Downey City Council votes to continue supporting gallery

June 8, 2017 by  

Downey City Council has voted to continue subsidizing the rent for the Stay Gallery, a downtown business, for another three years, according to an article in the Downey Patriot. The agreement to provide the subsidy, which amounts to $150,000, is between the city and Downey Art Vibe, which operates the gallery.

The agreement was first put in place in 2012, and ran through 2014, with the aim of helping the gallery get a start. In 2014, the subsidy was extended for an additional three years, which expired June 1, and has now been reinstated for the third time.

At the council meeting, approximately a dozen people spoke on behalf of the gallery, citing its importance to the city as the reason why it needed to retain the municipality’s support. Luz Lluncor, a member of the Downey Art Vibe board, said he realized that asking for an extension of the agreement was asking a great deal, but he believes the cost is:

“minimal for what we do for the community.”

Another board member, Valentin Flores, agreed, and said that in some ways, the gallery is a:

“victim of our own success.”

The gallery and other businesses have resulted in a revitalization of the downtown area, and that, in turn, has led to a rent increase of nearly 50%.

Businesses like this can benefit if operators work with a flyer printing company on a handout to describe the gallery’s amenities to visitors.