Council to consider zoning change

August 20, 2017 by  

The Downey City Council will soon consider whether or not to rezone a home on Downey Avenue from a single-family dwelling to multi-unit living.

The house, which was constructed in 1952, is a single-family home comprising 1,700 square feet, and is located on a lot that offers 18,000 square feet. The property owner is a local realtor, Don Jervis, who owns both the house under consideration, and the one next door.

Jervis wants to be able to build multi-family housing at the site, and would construct as many as 19 housing units, each three stories tall. He would also build an enclosed parking structure, and landscape the property.

The city’s planning commission considered Jervis’s request this past June, but was unable to make enough determinations to approve the project. Commission members remain pessimistic, saying the zoning change is not consistent with the city’s General Plan.

Several residents are also concerned, noting that parking in the neighborhood is already difficult, and adding multi-family residences would make it even worse. They agree that all the complexes provide parking on-site, but such lots are insufficient, leaving many cars on the streets.

The city council will meet to discuss the issue on August 22. When official meetings take place, an agenda is used to keep discussion on track. Officials could enhance the meeting by working with a flyer printing company to create the agenda and make sure copies are available to the public.