After 50 years, Downey flower shop moves

May 9, 2017 by  

A Unique Florist has been in business on Lakewood Boulevard in Downey since approximately 1965, but the shop has now relocated to a new spot on 2nd Street.

Teri Head, who currently owns the business, has worked there off and on since 1972. She began working at the florist when she was a teenager, then left to pursue a career in banking before returning to the shop. When she first worked at the florist, it was called Artistic Florals. The original owner, who died in 2000, gave Head the shop on the single condition that she rename it. She has remained with it ever since.

The property where the shop stands also changed hands, and when the new owner first visited the shop, he expressed his pleasure in having a florist available, saying that it was good to have a small home business on the property. At the same time, though, he noticed a vent that went back to the days when the shop was a restaurant.

Recently, the property owner changed his mind about the flower shop and decided to put in some kind of food establishment, asking Head to move out. After 52 years, she has relocated to the downtown Downey spot.

Business owners often work with a flyer printing company to communicate with customers at the new location, perhaps offering specials to celebrate the opening.