New police substation opens

February 8, 2018 by  

Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez and members of the city council recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony opening a new police substation, according to an article on the city’s website.

At the event, they unveiled a plaque, and members of the public were invited to tour the new facility. The substation, which comprises 12,500 square feet, is on NW 97th Avenue, and includes a community center.

The station was finished on budget and on time, and will take ‘community policing’ as its focus. Community policing, a concept that has grown in the 21st Century, is generally understood to be a collaborative effort between the police and the community they protect, so that everyone works together to solve problems in the area.

The Neighborhood Resource Unit and the School Resource Unit will both be housed in the new facility, where they will be easily accessible. In addition, the response time from the new station will be quicker, helping to keep the public safe.

According to Mayor Bermudez, the new station places a focus on the sense of community to be found in the city. He says:

“Everyone, from our officers to our residents, must do their part to maintain the high quality of life that Doral enjoys.”

Major changes like this are important to everyone, so officials might work with a flyer printing company to create informative mailers for residents.