Doral reinstalls red-light cameras

July 11, 2017 by  

Red-light cameras operated in Doral from 2011 to 2015 before being deactivated, but the city has recently reintroduced the cameras at four of its busiest intersections for a period of one year.

For the initial 60-day period, no fines will be levied to drivers who run red lights, although drivers will get a warning. Starting September 1, however, fines will be imposed for those who fail to yield at the intersections.

Doral spokesman Maggie Santos said the delay in issuing fines is to allow drivers time to get used to the changes before they incur monetary penalties. The cameras will operate continuously.

The four intersections with the new cameras are 36th Street/Doral Boulevard and Northwest 87th Avenue, 36th Street/Doral Boulevard and Northwest 79th Avenue, 41st Street/Doral Boulevard and Northwest 97th Avenue, and 107th Avenue and 41st Street/Doral Boulevard.

Doral has decided to put the cameras back into operation because they make a great difference in drivers’ behavior. Of those who were ticketed and paid a fine during the earlier period, 95% did not violate the law a second time. Overall, violations of the laws covering rights-of-way at intersections (i.e., running a red light), decreased by 48% when the cameras were last active.

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