Doral celebrates Brazil’s independence

October 11, 2017 by  

Recently, Doral celebrated Brazilian culture and the country’s independence at the Doral Heart Brazil event.

The occasion featured both a reception and an art exhibit, and was held to celebrate the 195th anniversary of Brazil’s independence from Portugal. To commemorate the occasion, the mayor of Doral, as well as several council members, presented a proclamation making September 26, 2017 ‘Brazil Day’ in the city to the Counsel General of Brazil, Ambassador Adalnio Senna Ganem.

Award-winning Brazilian photographers and artists had many of their works on display for the occasion. Participants included Graziella Gadia, Jade Matarazzo, and Mariza Formaggini. Fernanda Frangetto, an artist and resident of Doral, created an installation entitled ‘Band’, which she unveiled at the celebration. She also created a trophy commemorating the fight against cancer, which will be awarded in November at the Relay for Life event, to be held in Doral.

Music for the event was provided by the Beatriz Malnic Trio, who entertained attendees with typical Brazilian music, including the bossa nova. High school students from Ronald Reagan—Doral Senior High also performed, and delicious treats like Pão-de-queijo, Pastelzinho de Carne, and Salpicão were served.

Doral and its residents love Brazil, as do the evening’s sponsors, Brazil Mart, and Taste of Style Catering, who took this occasion to say thank you for the culture Brazil has contributed to the Doral community and the world.

Events like this can be enhanced if organizers use festive banners to decorate the venue.