Subsidized development grows in Devens

November 18, 2016 by  

The Emerson Green development in Devens, featuring 124 single-family homes, multifamily apartments, and duplexes, is nearly complete.

The co-developer of Emerson Green, Dan Gainsboro from Now Communities LLC of Concord, said that 18 units of the first phase are almost finished, and 15 of these homes are watertight. By the end of the month, another duplex building will also be watertight. There are only two units that have not been sold.

There are 10 single-family homes in the first phase, each of which has a price of $495,000, and four duplexes. An additional seven duplex units have a price of $375,000 each and the final unit is a subsidized unit for a moderate-income family.

Gainsboro commented that the second phase will be starting soon. This phase will consist of ten single-family homes, eight duplexes, twelve townhouse units, and two thirty-unit multifamily rental buildings. There will be ten low-income subsidized apartment units, which are being subsidized by a grant from the Harvard Municipal Affordable Housing Trust.

The January 12, 2017 episode of “This Old House” on PBS will feature one of the single-family homes that has recently been built.

Gainsboro might consider the use of a local brochure printing company to print brochures with more details about these various units so that buyers can be found in a timely fashion.