Ice rink opens in Devens

January 27, 2017 by  

The community of Devens recently unveiled an outdoors ice rink that for people to use during daylight hours.

Kim Walsh, Recreation Director, said the ice rink is between Willard Park and the Francis W. Parker Essential Charter School, in the lot off Antietam Street. This is its third location in as many years.

Walsh said the ice is more like pond ice and not like that of an indoor ice rink as it man-made. However, it is open and free for everyone to enjoy and is unstaffed.

The busiest times are during the weekend and after school and often kids set up hockey nets for practice. Walsh said this is allowed but people are asked to be sensitive to others on the rink as young children may be skating at the same time. This a community effort where everyone works to keep people safe.

The Devens Department of Public Works generally maintains the rink but if roads require plowing that is their primarily duty. Therefore, people who use the rink often need to play a role in maintaining the rink to keep the ice clear.

The Devens Recreation Facebook page is used by Walsh to keep people up-to-date with conditions of the ice but may also use poster printing companies to create posters that can be displayed in key locations with additional information about the rink.