Devens zoning change to require approval by four towns

October 11, 2016 by  

A Super Town Meeting will be held at the Bromfield School later this month.

This means that a town meeting will be held in Devens to approve a zoning change concurrently with a town meeting in Ayer, Harvard, and Shirley to also approve the zoning change. Following these meetings, a second town meeting with eight articles that pertain to Harvard alone will be held.

The zoning change is a request from MassDevelopment to rezone 32.7 acres of land used for residential purposes near Grant Road, giving them new innovation and technology uses. The result would be the creation of over 40 acres of land that it could use to attract biopharmaceutical companies and other businesses looking to locate in Massachusetts, providing space for offices and research and development. Companies moving into this area would be able to create campus-like sites.

Thatcher Kezer, Devens Senior Vice President, said that this would be one of two such sites in the state and it would enable MassDevelopment to act quickly on opportunities in the future. Bristol-Myers Squibb already has a manufacturing facility at the former military base and has plans for its expansion.

MassDevelopment might consider creating brochures with more facts and figures about its plans for the acreage so that voters can make an informed decision at their respective town meetings.

The Super Town Meeting will begin on October 24 at 7:00 pm.