Devens becomes home to shooting of holiday film

April 30, 2017 by  

An independent holiday film, ‘The Spruces and The Pines’, is currently being shot in Devens.

The studio is based at New England Studies in Devens, with offices in one building and wardrobe in another. The movie will include a small-town downtown and two farms for Christmas trees.

No sets will be used, as the film will be shot entirely on location. Associate Producer Mike O’Neil, one of the filmmakers, commented about the many advantages of shooting on location in the studio, as it is ready to use and time and money can be saved.

Director John Stimpson said that filming will go ahead regardless of the weather, so it will be challenging to complete the filming before everything starts blooming.

Nearby Ayer will be the used as the downtown site and the two farms are the D.J. Hussey Farm and the Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm in Stowe. Some shooting will also take place at the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton.

Producer Mark Donadio added that the state’s tax credit enables indie filmmakers to impact their community financially. They make their various purchases from the local community, use local services such as catering and printing companies to create promotional materials for the film, and three-quarters of the actors in the film are from the area. They also hire local student interns.