Still time to see Santa in Danbury

December 15, 2016 by  

Santa’s HQ is right here in Danbury, it would seem. The World of Santa HQ is presented by HGTV and is an immersive holiday experience.

Kids can have 10 interactive experiences at the Christmas venue. Those who have already gone suggest strongly that everyone arranges online reservations to avoid the long lines.

When children first enter the area, an elf greets them and takes them to the digital Naughty or Nice O-Meter. Each child’s name flashes on the naughty or nice list.

Next, an elf takes the child to Santa’s workshop. Here, children create ‘Elfie Selfies’. These are music videos of the child’s face attached to dancing elf faces. These videos can be e-mailed to the child for free.

Kids can check the radar and press levers and buttons to control Santa’s sleigh. Santa’s Observatory has an Elf-Ray Vision app that allows little ones to see sights and hear sounds around the room. Games involve looking for elves hidden in nooks and crannies around the observatory.

Finally the kids get to sit on Santa’s lap, discuss all their Christmas concerns and tell him what they want on December 25. Photos with the old man will make great holiday cards. Santa ends the visit by presenting each child with an activity book.

Santa HQ is at Danbury Mall, 7 Backus Avenue and will be there until Christmas Eve.