Transcontinental walk to start in Dana Point

January 12, 2018 by  

A resident of Sedona, Arizona plans to raise money to construct a pet-friendly safe house by walking across the country.

On February 1, 2018 Michael Cappi intends to take a walk that will start here in Dana Point and end in Boston, Massachusetts at Fenway Park. Cappi, 66, is using his walk as a means to raise funds to enable abused kids to bring their pets along with them to a safe house.

Cappi anticipates walking around 15 to 20 miles per day, making his trek about eight months in duration. He said the idea for the walk came to him while participating in a 2015 event.

Cappi was quoted in the Dana Point Times as saying:

“I am starting in Dana Point because it’s a beautiful town, a safe town, and the quickest route. I could not imagine a better place to begin such a journey.”

According to Cappi, nearly 40% of kids who are abused are estimated to remain in harm’s way due to the inability of shelters to accept pets.

A nonprofit, Just a Penny Please, has promised $250,000 to create a pet-friendly safe surrounding for kids in Cottonwood at the Verde Valley Sanctuary. Moreover, additional money some this sort of persuit can be raised if a banner or flyer is printed to highlight the cause.