Local historic ship engages in mock 3-way battle and wins

January 13, 2017 by  

Two tall ships from the state of Washington stopped here earlier this month on their way to the Channel Islands and while here engaged in a faux battle with Dana Points’ own historic ship.

On January 7, the two guest ships engaged in a mock battle along with the local favorite, Spirit of Dana Point. The Spirit prevailed to win the battle due largely to the technological advantages of its 1800s design; Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington, are each replicas of ships circa 1700s.

The two vessels travel each year from their home port of Aberdeen, Washington to as far north as British Columbia and down the coast of California to San Diego. At every port of call the sailing vessels offer three-hour trips designed to educate the public on the impact of tall ships as well as life on board ship.

Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington are affiliated with Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority, an organization much like the Ocean Institute here in Dana Point. Both groups have made it their mission to educate the public about maritime history and its part in shaping the destiny of the U.S. Museums, regardless of whether on water or dry land, find that partnering with a brochure, calendar or postcard printing provider can increase their popularity and boost their membership drive.

The Chieftain and Lady Washington will remain in Dana Point until January 17.