Doheny State hosts volunteers for Earth Day event

May 1, 2017 by  

Volunteers spent Earth Day setting out plants native to California at a recent event set up at Doheny State Beach.

Each Earth Day, the California Parks Foundation holds a variety of events, such as the one that took place at Doheny State Beach. This annual event started in 1998 to spur residents, such as the many concerned citizens here in Dana Point, to take action in mass on a specified day to care for California’s threatened natural resources.

Volunteering and financial support areorganized by the Foundation to assist in park improvements. It also serves to educate the public on methods of protecting and preserving California parks. While flyers are instrumental in drumming up support for these types of events, postcard printing can help to show off the area’s natural scenery and could have an even more far reaching effect for educating and sparking interest in its preservation.

According to the naturalist interpreter for Doheny State Beach, Vicki Wiker, Earth Day attracted around 100 volunteers to set out plants this year. Additionally, a beach cleanup held the weekend before had a good turnout as well. Wiker was enthusiastic about the number of people whose concern for the beach have prompted them into action. Once the planting was concluded, volunteers moved on to walking the campgrounds and retrieving any trash they found for reponsible disposal.