Texas teen accomplishes Boy Scout service goal

January 31, 2018 by  

A youth from Frisco has earned all 138 merit badges sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.

Jeffrey Nebeker, 18, became only the 352nd Scout to make this accomplishment in the long history of scouting in America. The Liberty High School student, who serves as the student body president, made the accomplishment in less than six years.

The Boy Scouts of America began keeping records of the club activities in the early 1940s. A rare and unique honor, Nebeker’s accomplishment will serve as an inspiration for local troops across all of Texas, including Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth.

Badges are awarded for a vast array of subjects, including sporting achievements, life skills, service skills, and environmental studies. A complete list of merit badges and their requirements is available on the Boy Scouts of America website.

The club is open to all boys between 11-18 years of age, and offers more than just fun outdoor activities and camps. Teens are given the life skills and morals needed to become successful and responsible adults. Printing services may be used to produce clubs’ member resources, including the ‘Boy Scout Handbook’, ‘Guide to Safe Scouting’, and the ‘Scouting Magazine’. Boy Scouts membership fees are $33 per person yearly.

Nebeker’s accomplishment spanned activities across eight states, including scuba diving in the Florida Keys for the Exploration badge, Minnesota for the Cycling badge, and Illinois for the Graphic Arts badge.