South Sudan flag raised at Dallas City Hall for first time

August 6, 2017 by  

Recently, the flag of South Sudan flew at the Dallas municipal government administration building during the annual South Sudan Unite. It was the first time the emblem of the world’s newest nation had been raised there.

As the annual diaspora event, South Sudan Unite, was coming to an end, the flag was raised by Luol Deng. The South Sudan native and twice National Basketball Association All-Star’s Luol Deng Foundation is responsible for the yearly event’s organization. A resident of Los Angeles, Deng was made an honorary Dallas citizen at the flag raising ceremony.

The official flag raising will likely serve to consolidate the South Sudanese community and raise awareness of South Sudan Unite and other African-based events to the point that they may one day be included in promotional calendars.

Africa lliaison for Dallas, Regina Onyeibe explained that the South Sudan was the 14th African country to have a flag sent up the City Hall’s flagpole. She clarified the significance for members of the South Sudanese community of the flag raising ceremony:

“Everybody can feel more a part of this city, and that is always my intent for all Africans who live in Dallas.”

For one South Sudanese, Alieth Gai, the flag ceremony took on added significance because Dallas is where George W. Bush’s presidential library is located.