New York engineering firm opens Texas headquarters in Dallas

April 18, 2018 by  

The New York-based Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers has expanded into Texas and chosen Dallas as the location of its Lone Star State headquarters.

Lilker’s Texas headquarters at 5050 Quorum Drive will be headed by Robert Trovato, a Lilker employee since 2004. His newly printed business cards will likely explain that his office will assist clients throughout the region with their electrical and mechanical engineering needs, as well as solutions regarding energy, and technology and lighting design.

Fat from a Johnny-come-lately to its field, Lilker was founded in 1985 and has developed a portfolio containing design projects numbering in the hundreds. The properties range from one million square feet down to 5,000 square feet and include hospitality, commercial, residential, mixed use corporate interiors, school construction, and healthcare facilities.

Although the company’s official expansion into Texas is recent, that does not mean that Lilken is unfamiliar with the area. Among its notable projects across the nation is the Dalls-based creation of an engineering design for 440 North Central Expressway. Other nationwide projects include multiple locations for Wells Fargo & Co.; MasterCard offices in St. Louis, and the tenant build-outs at Orlando’s Sea Harbor Office Complex.

Dallas has become the fourth city in the U.S. with a Lilker office. Currently, the company employs a workforce of over 120 employees.