List of family-friendly cities reveals Dallas top-rated

April 18, 2018 by  

Choosing where to raise a family involves taking a number of factors into consideration and has carried out its own comparisons and recently presented its list of the 25 most family friendly metropolitan areas.

While individuals may look at big-city attributes such as diverse culinary options, a lively nightlife scene and a jam-packed concert schedule, families have a different set of criteria. According to families looking to relocate or couples looking to start a family should put Dallas high on their list.

Families look at childcare options, high-quality schools and an abundance of parks when considering a move, and Dallas was ranked No.1 out of the top 25 family-friendly metropolitan areas listed by – a fact that will almost certainly be included when the city next orders brochure printing.

Among the attributes considered are parks per capita, availability of childcare, quality of schools, cost of living, crime rates and commute times. These factors did not all weigh equally in the rankings; commute time was given the least importance while quality of schools was given the highest priority.

Attributes that weighed heavily in Dallas’ favor were the city’s quality schools, low crime rate, park system, cost of living, and commute times. Its overall score was brought down by low scoring in the childcare category.

In addition to Dallas, other Texas cities on the list were Houston and San Antonio, ranked No.3 and No. 5 respectively.