Ice cream to keep Dallas cool

July 21, 2017 by  

A new business called ‘The Pharmacy’ will soon be selling a range of ice cream treats in Dallas, including some adult-only selections.

An ice cream parlor with a traditional atmosphere, the Pharmacy will nevertheless be blazing its own trail with a unique array of adult ice cream concoctions. Located in the center of the Deep Ellum bar district, the plan is to create a family-friendly vibe while also providing something new and different for those over 21.

In addition to scoops of ice cream and ice cream sandwiches made with cookies, the shop will also serve items such as boozy floats and milkshakes. One milkshake flavor on the menus will be Banana Cream Pie, which contains real pie, vanilla ice cream, and rum, and is available with an extra shot of rum or as an alcohol-free milkshake.

In addition to traditional promotional tools such as flyers, The Pharmacy will also be marketing itself via a push cart supplied with cookie ice-cream sandwiches to tempt late-night patrons of Deep Ellum.

For youngsters and the young at heart, The Pharmacy will also offer Skee-Ball, pinball, and at least a couple of other arcade games. For those adults who prefer their alcohol not so sweet, beer can be purchased in bottles or cans.

Opening for The Pharmacy is anticipated to be by the end of the month at 2812 Elm Street.