Decision to shorten driver’s license office hours rescinded

June 17, 2017 by  

Recently, 11 Texas driver’s license offices have had their extended office hours restored by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

On May 31 an email sent by the public safety department informed lawmakers and their staff that cuts were being made to the Driver License Division. The email was sent following the end of the legislature session; however, lawmakers did not let that stop them from weighing-in on the subject. The result was that a statement was released on June 14 declaring the re-instatement of the extended office hours.

The Driver License Division in the current budget is short $14 million, and in the new budget, which will go into effect in September, there will be $7 million less with which to work. Notices to vehicle owners, via direct mail printing, suggesting they go online to renew their licenses, were sent in an attempt to ease budget woes. The Texas Department of Public Safety, according to the agency:

“…. will explore other options and efficiencies in order to keep the extended-hour schedule in place.”

Among the 11 offices affected four are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, four in Houston and one each in El Paso, Corpus Christi and Amarillo. Additionally, two Dallas-area offices were to be closed, laying off 108 employees. In the recently released statement no mention of the fate of those Dallas license offices was made.