Cookie company jumps into fidget spinner craze

June 5, 2017 by  

The Dallas based Clearly Cookies, a company specializing in custom cookies, has recently added an edible fidget spinner to its repertoire.

Jessica Grose of Clearly Cookies came up with the idea after seeing her date playing with a regular fidget spinner. Clearly Cookies’ edible spinner is identical to the original device right down to the spin.

Using the design of an ordinary fidget spinner, Grose created a pattern from which to cut out the cookie dough. The next step was to create the inside part of the spinner, which consisted of smaller circular cookies to make the spin possible.

According to Grose, the new product features sugar cookies finished off with royal icing. The recipe is her mother’s.

The edible fidget spinner can be produced in any color. Weddings, baby showers, and businesses can all order them in their chosen color scheme; moreover they can be customized with a company name or logo. Companies can add fidget spinner cookies to the list of potential promotional products.

These novelty cookies come in two distinct versions, those that can spin and the non-spinning variety. Spinning cookies begin at $6, while their non-spinning counter-parts start at $4.50.

Grose shipper her cookies nationwide from her base of operations here in Dallas. She says her new product is already drawing attention and anticipates its growing popularity.