Chief announces restructuring of Dallas police department

December 5, 2017 by  

Renee Hall, chief of police for Dallas, has created what she hopes will be more efficient structure for her department, which includes a reduction in the number of chief positions.

The development of Hall’s reorganization plans took place after a comprehensive “top to bottom” evaluation. Included in the plan is her command staff appointments.

In situations like this, booklet printing can explain a plan’s details to the rank and file.

As part of the police department restructuring Chief Hall cut the number of assistant chief positions from nine to three and reduced deputy chief positions from thirteen to seven. The rank of major will still be held by fifteen officers.

Among Hall’s objectives are to boost crime-fighting resources across Dallas, increase the presence of command-level personnel in the field, and provide citizens with a higher quality police response.

The city’s seven patrol divisions will be distributed into four geographic areas: east, west, south and central. She elaborated by saying:

“Criminals don’t conform to our geographical enforcement boundaries, and we need a flexible structure to put officers where and when they are needed.”

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax appears to approve the plan saying that the restructuring plan puts “Service First” at every level of the police department.

Chief Hall’s plan new organization plan for the Dallas Police Department will become effective on December 13.