Architect releases update on Dallas Trinity River Project

June 11, 2017 by  

Michael Van Valkenburgh, the lead lawnscape architect for the 10,000-acre nature district known as the Trinity River Project, recently gave an update about the project including the Harold Simmons Park it will contain.

The $600 million Trinity River Project will be almost 12 times as big as Manhattan’s Central Park and will include an ample supply of sports fields, walkways, trees and flora. Part of the Trinity River Project, 285 acres, will be known as the Harold Simmons Park. Pictures of the finished project will likely be provided to printing companies to adorn any number of publications

Harold Simmons’ widow, Annette Simmons donated $50 million to be used for a park named in her husband’s honor. The park will have a $250 million price tag and be finished by 2021. Mayor Mike Rawlings anticipates the rest of the money will come from private donations. Approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers is required before work on the Harold Simmons Park can start, due to its location in a flood zone.

According to Van Valkenburgh, the park will flood but drainage into water absorbing sloped courses known as bioswales will help get rid of the water. Certain areas where flooding could do the most damage or cause the most inconvenience will be located farthest from the river and be elevated.