Unusual “souvenir” discovered in Cottonwood Heights

August 19, 2017 by  

A Cottonwood Heights collector found a peculiar item when he explored a box—a mortar shell from the Second World War, according to an article on the KSL.com website.

The shell was wrapped in bubble wrap and had been stored in the box with a number of other items. It had belonged to a veteran who treasured it for decades, according to Robby Russo, the police chief of Cottonwood Heights. Upon the veteran’s death, the box and its surprise contents came to the collector.

The collector’s name has not been released, but he notified police as soon as he found the shell. Russo said the officers who responded to the call, let him know the ordnance was very well-preserved, and he took the bubble wrap to be a good sign. However, since the shell was at least 70 years old, the officers were extremely careful handling it, since, according to Russo, the age of the device meant “you never know what can happen.”

The incident brought out the bomb squad, which investigated the ordnance, while firefighters, police, and personnel from Hill Air Force Base blocked off part of Cardinal Way where the shell was found. The bomb squad retrieved and removed the mortar shell without any problems.

Although this situation is unusual, officials might use it as an example of how to respond in emergencies. They could create brochures for residents discussing various scenarios and which agency is the one to contact.